Development Status of Guangzhou Textile Industry

In recent years, the textile industry in Guangzhou has maintained a steady growth trend. After a difficult 2015, it has survived a bumpy 2016 and ushered in a brand new 2017. Looking back at 2016, the textile enterprises above the designated size included the Guangzhou textile industry, with a sales profit margin of 5.2%, which was higher than the same period last year by 0.02 percentage points; the industrial value added of the textile enterprises above the designated size increased by 5.2%, which was lower than the 1.2 percentage point in the same period in 2015; The overall status of the national textile industry can be summarized with three keywords: uncertainty, certainty, and hope.

The development status of Guangzhou’s textile industry is facing diversified challenges. For the circulation enterprises in the Guangzhou textile industry, the proportion of enterprises that need to solve the problem of intensified market competition and rising costs is 82.9% and 79.3%, respectively, while 42.5% of the national textile circulation enterprises face a shortage of funds.

As a “millennium business capital”, Guangzhou’s textile industry has a unique geographical location and has a long history of textile manufacturing and trading since ancient times. Investigation shows that Guangzhou is still the most important place of trade, sales and supply in the minds of national textile enterprises.

However, the Guangzhou textile industry also showed deficiencies compared with the same industry in the survey. In order to increase sales in the textile industry, it is necessary to gain an advantage in brand competition. The survey results show that the increase in capital investment in brand publicity of textile circulation enterprises in Guangzhou is lower than the industry level. 69.8% of companies The investment is only 0% -5%. The report pointed out that the endorsement of industries provided by large-scale commercial platforms such as Guangzhou International Textile City for Guangzhou enterprises has alleviated the brand promotion pressure of the sample companies to a certain extent. Therefore, the textile companies in Guangzhou still have a large Expansion capacity.

The procurement of clothing enterprises is the main sales channel of the textile industry. At this point, the Guangzhou textile industry attaches particular importance to it. Compared with the textile industry in other parts of the country, in terms of the recognition and application of e-commerce platforms, the Guangzhou textile industry still has much room for development and expansion. Comparatively speaking, the use of e-commerce in the Guangzhou textile industry is more focused on increasing product sales and information release. In terms of sales settlement using online transactions, the current status of the development of the Guangzhou textile industry is still slightly insufficient.

On the other hand, compared with e-commerce platforms, physical stores have comparative advantages in many aspects such as after-sales service, emotional maintenance, and brand identity. In the process of China’s transition from a big country in the textile industry to a strong country in the textile industry, the Guangzhou textile industry can take the opportunity to reshape the value, and then develop a new vitality in the new environment.

The 2017-2022 China’s domestic textile industry development prospect analysis and development strategy research report pointed out that China’s textile industry is actively responding to many challenges and working hard to grasp emerging opportunities. The textile industry in Guangzhou has clearly realized the importance and necessity of transformation and upgrading. It has formed new core competitive advantages through independent innovation, strengthened the core role of scientific and technological innovation, deeply integrated with information technology, and closely focused on the market. .photobank (5) IMG_4533 IMG_4147(1) 抠

Post time: Jan-14-2020
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