How to make dogs not afraid to wear dog collar?

Many dogs resist the wearing of the collar, which is caused by the owner’s training method error, which makes the dog mistakenly believe that wearing a collar is a means of punishment. At home, the owner has to take off the collar and let the dog free. In the case of no one taking care of the baby, remove the collar to avoid being caught by other things. The first place to walk after pulling the leash on it should be a safe place at home. In this way, in the future, it will not be so scared to walk out on the leash and will not be hurt mentally. The leash should remind the dog of the fun of going out for a walk, so don’t punish the dog. Always choose the appropriate length of collar according to the dog’s neck width. Remember that the dog should be comfortable after wearing the collar, and do not pinch the fur. Do not buckle the collar too tightly. Two fingers should be easily inserted after the collar is fastened. In this way, even if the dog pulls the traction rope backwards, the collar will not slip, and when the collar is removed in an emergency, it will not cause discomfort.QQ图片20181206163206IMG_7014 副本 IMG_8620

Post time: Aug-05-2019
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