Protection against epidemics: confidence, patience, and unity

The nation ’s resistance to the “epidemic” has entered a critical stage of victory. We have achieved three major conditions: confidence, patience, and unity.


At the urgent moment when the new crown pneumonia was fierce, the Party Central Committee quickly made decisions and made strong deployments to extend the Spring Festival holidays and winter holidays for schools, colleges, and universities across the country. It dispatched tens of thousands of excellent medical personnel from all over the country to support Wuhan and Hubei. Management, to quickly build the Vulcan Hill, Thunder God Hill, and the cabin hospital, to achieve the goals of receivables and cures, to cut off the virus transmission channels, control the spread of the epidemic, and make the whole country calm and calm with people ’s hearts floating and rumors spreading. Home. People across the country have full confidence in defeating the epidemic. Everyone retreats, reads, exercises, and manages himself and his family to help fight the epidemic. The doubling of public confidence has laid a good psychological foundation for defeating the epidemic.


“This is often the case. The favorable situation and its proactive recovery arise from efforts to persevere.” This is a paragraph in Chairman Mao’s On Protracted War. When the prevention and control effect during the first 14-day isolation observation period was not significant, the number of confirmed patients continued to increase, and the epidemic prevention battle entered a difficult stalemate, the people of the whole country responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and stood still, postponing return to work and returning to school and continuing. Behind closed doors. The National Health Commission issued an epidemic announcement every day, and held a press conference to keep the people in the country informed of the development of the epidemic, to allow medical experts to analyze the need for relative isolation, and to ask the public to be patient and determined to isolate on the second 14 days During the observation period, we finally saw the trend of slowing down and relatively decreasing the epidemic situation, and achieved the initial goal of epidemic prevention and control.


“Up and down the same desire to win”, at the critical moment can achieve up and down concentric, one mind, is a magic weapon to defeat the enemy. This major epidemic of new crown pneumonia is a severe test and test of our country’s organizational mobilization ability and the cohesion of 1.4 billion people. Difficulties on one side, and the support of the eight parties are the good virtues of the Chinese nation. One family of 56 nations and a game of chess in provinces and cities across the country are familiar concepts and ways of thinking. However, epidemic diseases are different from earthquakes and floods. I am afraid that people will come in contact and gather. Inadvertently, there is danger of life infecting the epidemic, and how to rescue is a major problem.

Even so, “the ruthless virus is sentimental”, medical personnel from all over the country actively sign up for rescue missions in Wuhan, Hubei and other places. A medical team bravely rushed to the front line of the epidemic, rescued critically ill patients day and night, and showed noble revolutionary humanitarian spirit. It is very touching. With the profound friendship of the people across the country, living and medical supplies donated by provinces and municipalities have poured into Hubei, warming the hearts of the people in the disaster areas.

统一 Under the unified deployment of the central government across the country, orders are forbidden, and relatively uniform traffic control measures and residential community access control systems are implemented, so that the spread of the epidemic can be quickly controlled. This series of measures has not only been endorsed and supported by the people throughout the country, but also attracted great attention and appreciation from the international community represented by the World Health Organization, which reflects the strong organizational and coordinating power of China’s socialist system.

In the next step, the resumption of work and production, the opening of schools and the market should also be carried out in accordance with the unified central deployment, and in an orderly manner according to the severity of the epidemic situation and the urgent needs of various industries. Working together is an important guarantee for us to defeat the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia, restore normal economic operation as soon as possible, and achieve this year’s economic and social development goals.

Post time: Feb-22-2020
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