We launched the national logistics hub initiative to organize trials for comprehensive reform to reduce costs and increase efficiency in logistics

in 2019, the logistics cost is expected to be reduced by 120.9 billion yuan through a comprehensive policy. On March 28, the scio, at a news conference, the ministry of transport policy research office of the director, news spokesman said Wu Chungeng, strive to through 3 years efforts, achieve better transport structure, transport is more efficient and better logistics business environment, logistics chain upstream and downstream join more chang, gradually establish a match with high quality development of transportation logistics service system, logistics service will markedly enhance its capability of the real economy.

Since the 18th CPC national congress, the ministry of transport has taken quantifiable measures to reduce logistics costs by 55.8 billion yuan, 88.2 billion yuan and 98.1 billion yuan in the past three years. In order to further reduce the logistics cost, the ministry of transport has studied and formulated the work plan for reducing the logistics cost of transportation. First of all, the transport structure will be optimized to promote “structural” cost reduction.

Post time: Mar-30-2019
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