What are the benefits of RPET (Recycled Polyester Fabric)?

      What are the benefits of RPET (Recycled Polyester Fabric)? RPET fabric (Coke bottle eco-friendly fabric) is a new type of green recycled fabric. Its low-carbon source has created a new concept in the field of recycling. At present, recycled fabrics made from recycled “Coke bottle” recycled fiber are used. 100% of its recycled materials can regenerate PET fibers, effectively reducing waste. “Coke bottle” recycled reclaimed filaments can be used for T-shirts, children’s wear, casual wear for men and women, windbreakers, down (cold) clothes, work uniforms, gloves, scarves, towels, bath towels, sleepwear, sportswear, jackets, Handbags, blankets, hats, shoe materials, bags, umbrellas, curtains, etc. The “Coke Bottle” recycled staple fiber can be twisted into a yarn and then woven into a fabric to be manufactured into various other products.

   Recycle PET fabric utilizes the recycled environmentally-friendly fiber raw materials recovered from Coke bottles, and the recovered Coke bottles are crushed into pieces and then processed by spinning, which can be recycled and effectively reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, which is less than the conventional process for producing polyester fibers. 80% of energy.IMG_0739 IMG_0702 IMG_0709 IMG_0726

Post time: Oct-16-2019
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