What is the convenience of using the lanyard?

The use of the lanyard of documents is still quite large in some industries. Why do you say this? You see, we are holding some important parties, or some concerts, work on the radio, these documents lanyard I have seen a lot of things. After all, the staff is to be distinguished from the masses. Otherwise, there will be mistakes in the work of one million pairs. This small problem is still not solved well. It is a dereliction of duty in a large unit.

IMG_5000The application of ID lanyard is more and more widely used now, and may not be very eye-catching in life, but it has sufficient advantages, small and lanyard, not only the documents that can be applied in our work, but also in other Some places that  need lanyards, such as things that need to be hung in the house, if you can’t find the rope, you can choose the lanyard of the ID lanyard,which is convenient.

IMG_6145The lanyard of the certificate is colorful, the color can be selected by the merchant, or it can be customized, practical, convenient, and environmental protection has become the label of the lanyard.

Post time: Jul-10-2019
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